Jigang Group Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.  It was founded in 1958. It has 38,000 employees and total assets of 42.2 billion yuan. Its products are mainly medium plate, medium plate, hot rolled sheet, and cold rolled sheet. Provincial large enterprise groups supervised by Shandong State-owned Assets Management Commission. The products are mainly medium plate, medium plate, hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet. In 2007, 12.12 million tons of steel and 11.47 million tons of steel were produced; sales income was 50.97 billion yuan, profits and taxes were 6.09 billion yuan, and profits were 3.01 billion yuan; foreign exchange earned from exports was 810 million dollars, and total import and export trade was 1.72 billion dollars.


Jigang adheres to the main line of structural adjustment, conscientiously implements the scientific development concept, follows a new path of industrialization, and actively promotes the large-scale, compact and modernization of process equipment, forming medium plates, medium plates, hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets, Modern production lines such as galvanized sheet and color coated sheet have significantly improved their ability to create value for customers and society. To accelerate the process of enterprise modernization with informatization, management information systems such as ERP, MES, SPC, OA, and energy management and control centers have been established. Adhere to the market-oriented, continuously optimize the product structure, develop new products to meet the individual needs of customers, high-tech content, high value-added variety plate ratio of more than 80%, boiler container steel plate, high-strength building structure with medium-thick steel plate Named as China’s famous brand products, leading products such as shipbuilding steel plates, carbon-bonded medium plates, hot-rolled ribbed steel bars for reinforced concrete, boiler vessel steel plates, and ductile iron pipes won the “Golden Cup Award” for metallurgical products, and their differentiated competitive advantages were significantly enhanced.