Hengyang Valin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hengyang Valin) is a subsidiary of Hunan Valin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., established in 1958, currently has 3,900 employees and has total assets of 13.5 billion RMB. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a top ten export enterprise in Hunan Province, and a top ten safety demonstration unit in Hunan Province.


Hengyang Valin is a company with great influence in the world. The production capacity ranks fifth in the world. It has a professional production process of iron, steel, pipe and deep processing. It has an annual output of 1.1 million tons of iron, 1.7 million tons of steel, 1.5 million tons of pipes, 830,000 tons of heat treatment, and 600,000 tons. The ability to process tons of threads is one of the global seamless steel pipe production units with many advanced models and uniform product specifications.


Hengyang Valin is a special steel pipe manufacturer. Now it is able to produce seamless steel pipes of various specifications and varieties with a diameter of 24-800mm and a wall thickness of 3.5-200mm. It has created three major product series of oil and gas pipes, pressure vessel pipes, and mechanical processing pipes. The HS product series enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad and is widely used in domestic and foreign petroleum, petrochemical, boiler, power generation, machinery, coal, chemical, nuclear power and other industries. Among them, oil and gas pipes are used in Tarim oil field, the worst geological condition in China, and go down wells for 8000 meters. The nuclear power pipes in pressure vessel pipes have been domestically produced in China’s four major pipelines, and large-caliber thick-walled high-pressure boiler tubes have been supplied directly to the five major domestic boiler manufacturing enterprises, with market share steadily leading the industry. Among the tubes used for machining, the tubes for crane booms are the highest in the world, and the service life of tubes for axles is 50% higher than similar products on the market. High-strength and high-toughness hydraulic cylinder tubes are used in Zheng Coal’s world ’s largest and largest underground coal mining machine manufacturing; high-end construction tubes have successfully supported the world ’s “new landmarks” such as the Dubai Photo Frame Building; high-pressure mud tubes are used in the South China Sea combustible ice drilling platform Whale 1 “.



Hengyang Valin is an international company. The export ratio is nearly 50%, and the export regions cover major global markets. There are 66 exporting countries and regions. Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Total, Maersk and dozens of internationally renowned oil companies are Henggang’s major customers.